What I got for Christmas 2016!❄

Hey everyone! This blog post is going to be my What I Got for Christmas 2016, and in no way am I bragging because this was requested by some people, and I am very very grateful for all my presents and I am so so lucky!!

The first bunch of presents are from my best friend Julia. So what we do is we get each other little practical things and things that we need. This year we decided to do 15 little presents, some of the things are in the wash like socks, and some of the food has been eaten!

So from Julia I got a candle from Primark in the scent Cedarwood & Cinnamon which I think smells like mens deodorant but its such a refreshing scent, and I feel like I will use this in the new year because of having a fresh start. I then got some socks, and they look like elfs shoes and I think they are adorable. Julia then gave me some carmex, and oh my goodness this has helped me so much with my chapped and dry lips, I totally recommend this!! I then got two things from Borjous, I got a lipstick in the shade Pretty In Nude and a illuminating powder which I use as a highlighter, they are both so pretty! I then got a little braclet/hairband from Poland, and Julia has matching ones so we now have best friend bracelets. Julia then also got me the MUA highlighter in Pink Shimmer, and I love this. She got me so much and I am so thankful for everything, she is truly an amazing girl!

So on the 23rd, I had a mini christmas day with my friends! it was the best day ever, and I am so grateful for everything, I never expected any of this but I love them all. So from my friend Sophie, I got a Jack Wills set of four nail varnishes and 4 lipsticks. I have not yet tried the nail varnishes but the lipsticks are so glossy and have wonderful colours. I truly love this set. From my friend Chloe, I got a Oreo chocolate bar which I love, a contour palette from revolution and a My Little Pony Teddy. yes I love My Little Pony, and I really don’t care that I am 16 nearly 17. But I am so thankful for all of these, and I cannot wait to start contouring more. From my friend Kiara I got The They’re real Big Sexy Lip Kit which is stunning, and I love it sooo much. The lipstick has a liner on the top, and they are in the shape of the mascaras, and i am in love. So from my best friend Gemma I got a Mermaid Blanket and I AM IN LOVE, it is soooo nice and I love cuddling up in it, I did today when I watched Harry Potter. She also got me a photo of us in a glitter frame, and I love it because it is soooo thoughtful. From my friend Lucy, I got, and I cannot believe this, I got a Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, and OH MY LORD the shades are the prettiest things I have ever seen. I CANNOT THANK HER ENOUGH. From my friend Alice I got some Milk Tray and from my friend Annie I got some galaxy. Also in the benefit sent I got some minis as you can see. I have the best friends ever and I cannot thank them enough.

These are from my Nan, Grandad and Auntie. My nan and grandad got me a Flutter hand cream, and its so moisturising. The nail varnishes are so cute, and I love them, they are so pretty, and the eye shadow kit is so pretty too. Ive never tried these brands but I am buzzing to give them a go. I also got some money from my grandparents. My Auntie and my cousins got me the speak out game that I really love, and am so excited to play this with my friends.

These presents are from my parents, and I am so thankful for everything that I received from them. I got the I ❤ 90’s CD from Ministry of Sound, and OMG I love it, it has all of my favourite songs from the 90’s. I cannot wait to have my own car and play this. I got a selection pack because it is not Christmas with out one. I also got series 1 of the Inbetweeners because I have the bx set but lost the first DVD. I have always wanted acrylic nails, and I love these because it gives me the chance to try them out before I pay for them. My mum then chose me a VS spray which has a funny story behind it, basically I have a hollister one which is blue, and mum snuck into my room to see which one I was low on. She saw that it was blue and thought it was a VS one, however I love this one. I then got a eyeliner pencil sharpener and I really need one of these. I got a cute pen from Tiger, and its so cute and I love it alot. I got a nail correcter pen, which is going to be a big help when doing my nails because I am not the best at painting my nails. I also got some Malteasers, and I love these and they are great to nibble on. I got some gel effect nail varnish and I love having gel nails so this is also a big help. I also got a tube of munchies, because i love them and have always loved them. I then got a little cracker with some shower gel and body cream in it, and they smell amazing. My mum then got me this really cute little tealight holder, which is adorable. I love it. Of course I got more socks because I love them. I also got some touch screen gloves which I really am going to find useful, and I cannot wait to wear them on the walks to school. The next thing I received is a River Island purse and my god, is it stunning, I am so happy with this and mum chose the best one I could of ever got, I am so in love. I also got a little notebook which is from Tiger, I am not sure whether they are eyes or bugs but I love it, I am going to use this for blog planning and stuff. I then got this stunning watch which is from New Look, and I actually love it so much. And then from my dog, I got a cute little dog Pandora charm which I think is so cute. My mum briught it really but it is soooo cute. I also then got some insense sticks because I love burning them.

These are all amazing presents, I cannot thank everyone enough. I am honestly so grateful. This blog post is sooo long so I am going to end it now. Thank you all for everything, see you next time.

Ella x




Christmas Room Decor!<3

Christmas.pngGreetings everyone! I hope everyone is getting ready for chirstmas, I finished my shopping today, and it a little while I have to go to work for two hours. Once I am home I am going to make soup with my mum and we are going to wrap out presents and sort the rest of them out! If you would like a post on homemade soup then let me know and I will do one!!

Anyway this post is going to show you my room decor for christmas I know this is a little late to get inspiration from but I just think it would be a nice blog post!


These are the decorations on my window sill in my room, as you can see I have four Yankee Candles, two in Snowflake Cookie and one in Apple Crumble and one in Cinnamon. I also have a little dog figure with a santa hat one and it says ‘Christmas Wishes’. My best friend Tegan got it for me when we were in Middle School. I also have a picture of me when I was  baby on my 1st Christmas, the frame has a child and a snowman on it and it says let it snow, I love it! I also have a card from my friend Eden at school, and its such a cute card, me and my friends don’t tend to write them. I also have a cute little snowman hanging from my jewellery stand, I love it and I got a bunch of them from a car boot sale, the rest of them are around my room and will be in this post.

These are the other baubles/decorations that I got from the car boot sale. My favourite is the reindeer, just because it is sooooooo cute. The first one is a cat, this is on the back of my door, I love this one because I have 2 cats at my dads. The second one is a gingerbread is sooo cute, I love the candycane and i just think the little santa hat is adorable. It is hanging from my light switch. The next one is such  a cute snowman, and i have it stuck to my tv, just to add a little bit of festive cheer to my tv. The other two are hanging from my bed posts, and its the reindeer and a little polar bear. I just think they are so cute and i love the fact they are both wearing scarfs.


This is my bedside cabinet, and this is super cute. I have a little cute MeToYou Tatty Teddy figure with a photo of my and my nan in, she actually brought this for me and I love it. She sadly passed away in 2012 so its very special to me. I also have a coins pot to put my loose change in, and two wintery candles. The Apple Orchard one is from b&m and the other is a yankee candle, its my favourite one. There is also my eos in sweet mint, and its the best lip balm I own.

This is my mini tree from Asda many years back. I could not the light pack open so I have these little Santa Stop sign lights from Poundland. I also have a little showergel in the scent sugar cookie, I love it!! Underneath I have some presents for my friends, but the rest are under my big tree downstairs.

This is my bed, and I have fairy lights wrapped around both ends,and these are also fro PoundLand. I also have a little teddy hanging from my wardrobe and it matches the one on my bed next to my Santa. The stocking that is on the end of my bed is for my friend,when we do our little Christmas swap, which I think we are doing tomorrow<3

Lots of love

Ella x


The Beauty Blogger Tag!♡

Hey my little flowers, I hope you are all well & all looking forward to Christmas, I know I am!!

So I have decided to come back to blogging because my Instagram has been stressing me out, I am going to be doing the beauty blogger tag, and I know I have not been blogging for long but hey ho!

1. Use 3 words to describe your blogging style;

I would like to thing that my blog posts are going to be individual, unique and interesting!

2. If you could meet anyone in the beauty community who would it be?

My best friend who also has a blog – floraleden.wordpress.com or some of my favourite youtubers like Jasmine Clough or Fab Han!

3. How has your blogging changed from the first post?

Well, from my instagram I would say that it has matured a lot.

4. What 1 tip would I give a new blogger?

From my experience stay focused, and committed!! I wish I had.

5. What do you want to be better at? in relation to my blog

I would like to be more committed in posting because it is something I really enjoy, I just need to stay focused in writing. I would also like to become more unique in my posts to make it more interesting for you guys.

6. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I especially got inspiration from Eden, her posts are amazing and I really look up to her!! Definitely give her a follow and read her posts!!

7. A makeup product that you have not yet brought but have been eyeing up? 

Definitely a Morphe Pallette because I just think that they look stunning and come with such a range of colours, that you could do so many looks with it and it would be ideal for travelling.

8. Any holy grail products? 

It would have to be my benefit They’re Real! Mascara because it just improves my lashes so much and I love it since my granddad brought me it, and sadly he died this year. Another product is got to be my Mac lipstick in Velvet Teddy! Its my go to lip colour!

9.Beauty pet peeve? 

My beauty pet peeve would have to be when people do a sharp edge of eye shadow, and do not blend at all so it just looks so strong!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this ❤

I will try and post everyday up to Christmas because I feel like I need to give something back to you all ❤

Love Ella x



Autumn Lip Essentials

Hello, this is my first blog post, and I am super excited for this blog to be a thing! I apologise if this isn’t the best blog post ever, its my first post and lets just say I have no idea how to do this or anything! Please leave comments if you have any suggestions on how to make this better, please follow me also! Anyway on with the blog post…

As you can guess from the title I am going to be showing you my autumn lip essentials and things I think would look great to wear in this beautiful season. I don’t wear all of these but I definitely will be wearing them this autumn.

14269299_1253165231381588_1587720903_n First of all are my Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquers. I got this is a set last Christmas from my mums boyfriends sister! These came in a set of six two purples, two pinks, one nude and one red. As you can see I have chosen the two purples and the red for the autumn colours! I think that these colours are really suitable for the tie of the year! I don’t really wear these colours very much, however I am going to try to this year since they are stunning!  There is a dark purple along with a brighter purple and a red. The bright purple doesn’t come up as bright as it looks. The red is a very bright red and the dark purple is very subtle. I love the formula of these but I wouldn’t wear them if you had dry lips.




The next products are my Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 08 and my rimmel lip liner in the shade 045 ‘epic’ These create such a stunning purple toned nude/brown. I’m not good at describing colours! Anyway this look is super shimmery but if you wanted to make it matt then you can just pat powder on top of it with your finger! I got the lipstick from tescos for around four pounds and the lip liner from pound stretcher for a pound. I think this is a super cheap look but it still looks amazing.



My mac lipstick in velvet teddy (matte) and my barry M lip liner which doesn’t have a shade name or anything create a stunning nude colour.I got my mac lipstick from the Mac website for £15.50 and the lip liner is from superdrug for £2.99. I know this is slightly more expensive than the other look but I still love it.I know mac do test on animals so please don’t hate on me for having one. Its just a stunning colour, this is obviously a matte look since the lipstick is matte but you can make it glossy by adding a gloss over the top of the lipstick. I really recommend buying a mac lipstick the colour last all day.



Thank you for reading and please let me know on what you would like to see and how I could improve!Also comment below if you want to collab or anything as I would be more than happy to! Once again please no hate at this is my first blog post!

All my love

Ella-Rose xoxo